The Anti-radiation card:


Xiansheng Technology is Winalite International's associated company specializing, and leading, in electro-magnetic compatibility and wave absorbing materials. Abundant company strength and research achievement is the result of more than a decade's endeavor in this high-tech field. The products have won national awards many times.

The Winalite Anti-Radiation card, anti-EMF card

Product Introduction

The only civilian and military dual-use high-tech anti-emf/radiation product in China that achieved 3 awards from various authorities.

The only product that has national torch plan project authentication, and high-tech labor protection accreditation.

The Winalite Health card is highly recommended and promoted by the national economics and trade committee, and the labor and safety departments as an anti-emf/radiation product for computer related operations.

Strictly examined by performance assessment authorities, according to the results from China Technology Testing Systems, the anti-emf/radiation card can absorb 93% and weaken 99% of radiation, absorbs and depletes the harmful effects caused by radiation sources like PCs, office machines and electrical house appliances to the maximum extent.

Long life span, maximum protection. The Winalite Health card's life span is no less than 6 years.

Convenient to use, and close protection. The card could be put in the pocket or hanged in front of the chest, in which case a protective circle centered on the card with a radius of 50 centimeters is formed, getting rid of the electro-magnetic radiation and achieving the health care purpose.

The anti-emf/radiation card has a wide range of customers. The groups of people who constantly expose themselves in front of PCs, especially those who work in the field of the financial markets, electronics, IT, telecom, airlines, railways, medical care and pregnant women who work with computers for a long time, electronic appliances, office hardware, home appliances. The card can be put in the front pocket of a pregnant dress, keeping unborn babies away from the harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation.

As far as the shape goes, the card could be remade into staff cards, student cards or work time cards, enabling "one card, multiple uses and functions"

The purchasing cost of the card can be written-off as a corporate expense.