Winalite Baby Nappies:

the winalite baby nappy5 Main Functions:

Taking good care of a baby's skin
Patented innovative technology, containing specially scented tea-seed essence, effectively deodorizing, suppressing and eliminating bacteria, moisturizing the skin, and preventing nappy rash.

Promoting health
The tea seed essence, with special cleansing ingredients, keeps the baby's bottom in a healthier condition.

Super-thin absorption layer distributes the fluid
A specially made absorption layer evenly distributes any fluid present, remaining thin and soft afterwards. The porous design and liquid absorbing gel guarantee fast absorption. Fluid is prevented from any possibility of back flow and side leak. Consequently the nappy is drier and more comfortable.

A breathable external layer doubles the comfort level
The soft and pourous external layer is gentle on the skin and avoids chaffing. By removing the dampness and rapidly reducing the temperature in the area, the baby's skin breathes more freely.

Adjustable side flaps
The tightness of the nappy is adjustable. The easy adjustment allows the baby to move freely.

The effect of Tea Seed essence

Tea seed essence is extracted and distilled from Tea Seed oil. Modern science shows that the composition of Tea Seed has a 70%-80% similarity to human skin, and therefore is easily absorbed by the human body. It is rich in natural ingredients such as tea polyphenols, vitamin E and carotene, which soften the outer skin (epidermal) layer, strengthen muscle tissue, maintain body lipids and hydration, and reduce allergic reactions caused by perspiration and soiling. As a result, the skin is kept healthier.

Avoiding nappy rash and eliminating smells

The urine passes through the cotton surface of the nappy (which has anti-diffusion qualities) and is absorbed by the gel layer. The Tea Seed oil combines with the harmful substance in urine, effectively eliminating any bacteria and smells, and moisturizing and refreshing the skin.