Winalite ‘Love Moon’ Anionic Sanitary Napkin

the WInalite sanitary towel1. Dry, air permeable, comfortable

An ultra-fine and soft surface layer keeps the skin dry and comfortable.

Winalite Anion Sanitary Towels contain highly effective, super absorbent, gel. When the liquid discharge comes into contact with this gel, it is absorbed so that there is no backflow or leakage. This will ensure a comfortable and dry environment.

The base layer is made of air permeable material that allows the reduction of moisture and heat, thus effectively reducing discomfort between the napkin and the skin to maintain a dry and comfortable feeling.

2. Compliance with hygiene standards and prevention of infection

Strict control over the hygiene standards of the raw materials for the sanitary towel.

Use of a sealed production plant built to ISO standards for fully automated production and packaging.

Use of advanced, easy-to-open, air-tight adhesive packaging to ensure the product is free from bacterial or fungal infection.

3. An Anion strip is embedded in each sanitary towel. The Anion strip will help to:

  • Eradicate odor
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Dispel fatigue
  • Enhance hormonal balance

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Winalite Baby Nappies:

the winalite baby nappy5 Main Functions:

Taking good care of a baby's skin
Patented innovative technology, containing specially scented tea-seed essence, effectively deodorizing, suppressing and eliminating bacteria, moisturizing the skin, and preventing nappy rash.

Promoting health
Tea seed essence, with special cleansing ingredients, keeps the baby's bottom in a healthier condition.

Super-thin absorption layer distributes the fluid
A specially made absorption layer evenly distributes any fluid present, remaining thin and soft afterwards. The porous design and liquid absorbing gel guarantee fast absorption. Fluid is prevented from any possibility of back flow and side leak. Consequently the nappy is drier and more comfortable.

A breathable external layer doubles the comfort level
The soft and pourous external layer is gentle on the skin and avoids chaffing. By removing the dampness and rapidly reducing the temperature in the area, the baby's skin breathes more freely.

Adjustable side flaps
The tightness of the nappy is adjustable. The easy adjustment allows the baby to move freely.

The effect of Tea Seed essence

Tea seed essence is extracted and distilled from Tea Seed oil. Modern science shows that the composition of Tea Seed has a 70%-80% similarity to human skin, and therefore is easily absorbed by the human body. It is rich in natural ingredients such as tea polyphenols, vitamin E and carotene, which soften the outer skin (epidermal) layer, strengthen muscle tissue, maintain body lipids and hydration, and reduce allergic reactions caused by perspiration and soiling. As a result, the skin is kept healthier.

Avoiding nappy rash and eliminating smells

The urine passes through the cotton surface of the nappy (which has anti-diffusion qualities) and is absorbed by the gel layer. The Tea Seed oil combines with the harmful substance in urine, effectively eliminating any bacteria and smells, and moisturizing and refreshing the skin.

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WINGUARD anti-radiation protection for mobile phones

WINGUARD - protecting you from mobile phone radiation

the Winalite anti-radiation mobile phone deviceThe 3 Ways it protects:

  • EMSMAX patented wave-absorption material specially developed for mobile phones
  • Created using military stealth technology
  • Absorption efficiency 93.7%
  • Attenuation* efficiency 99.9%
  • Ultra-thin, flexible, easy to use and stylishly fashionable


Developed and patented after extensive research, WINGUARD is an ultra-thin, flexible, stylish and easy-to-use sticker that fits over your cell phone hearing area and covers most of the ear speaker.

How does WINGUARD Protect Me?

The super-thin, high-tech WINGUARD sticker protects you in 2 important ways:

It absorbs 93.7% of harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation from cell phones & nearby electronic devices, using patented EMSMAX technology

It transforms harmful radiation into mild heat that dissipates safely into the air.

WINGUARD absorbs and transforms radiation from all global mobile phone frequencies, ranging from 10MHz to 8000MHz.

What is the technology behind WINGUARD?

Military stealth secrets are behind the two patented and trademarked technologies of the advanced Winalite WINGUARD sticker:

  • EMSMAX - a Patented, highly developed, radiation absorption material specially designed for mobile phones.
  • EMSI Clean - a Patented creative technology that greatly reduces call interruptions and improves call quality

EMS refers to electromagnetic absorption - Winalite has improved and adapted EMS technology to produce an advanced, cutting-edge product called WINGUARD for cell phones. The main WINGUARD advanced EMS technology is called EMSMAX. The exact composition and manufacturing method of EMSMAX is solidly protected by a patent.

No heavy metals or radioactive substances are used in WINGUARD technology. The EMSMAX technology is stable and long-lasting. The positive effects of the convenient, stylish WINGUARD sticker expire 6 years from the manufacturing date (which is indicated on the package). After opening the WINGUARD package, use it within 2 years for the best quality performance.

Winalite now has improved this EMS technology (that has been by the military) for your benefit with the EMSMAX ultra-thin sticker for your mobile phone. When the fashionable WINGUARD sticker is used with your cell phone, the high-tech device absorbs the vast majority of harmful electromagnetic radiation, and protects your health from radiation damage.

Are there any other Benefits from WINGUARD?


WINGUARD patented EMSI Clean technology:

  • Screens, filters, and actively absorbs electromagnetic radiation
  • Greatly improves the sound quality of your cell phone calls by reducing the interference of electromagnetic noise with signals of your mobile phone
  • Reduces those annoying call interruptions
  • Protects your sensitive head area from harmful electromagnetic radiation

EMS, or Electromagnetic absorption, is the core function of EMSI Clean technology. EMSI Clean has a radiation absorption rate of up to 93%.

EMI, or Electromagnetic interference (screening), is the secondary function of Winalite EMSI Clean technology. Its screening rate is up to 99.9%, while allowing sound waves to pass through.

What is the electromagnetic radiation output of my cell phone?

The electromagnetic radiation output of a mobile phone is as follows:
70% in the earpiece, 20% in the display screen and 10% in the keyboard and microphone.

WINGUARD is a breakthrough technology compared to other passive and singular screening methods for electromagnetic radiation. Previously developed gadgets had an average screening efficiency of only 3%, very much inferior to the advanced WINGUARD technology.

How easy is WINGUARD to Use?

WINGUARD is simple to use. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface of your mobile phone
  2. Place the thin, flexible WINGUARD sticker on the earphone of the mobile phone making sure that the meshed opening of the WINGUARD sticker is aligned with the earphone.
  3. Smooth out the surface of the WINGUARD device as needed.
  4. Use your cell phone with confidence, knowing your health is protected.

What is the validity period of WINGUARD stickers?

Expiration: 6 years from manufacturing date.
Start to use: within 2 years after opening for best quality.


If you want military strength technology working to keep you safe, then get the Winalite WINGUARD high-tech, stylish, convenient cell phone sticker.
You’ll be glad you did!

Information for Technically-Minded People (for those that are interested)

*Definition of Attenuation: (where did I see this?)

In physics, attenuation is the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. For instance, sunlight is attenuated by dark glasses, X-rays are attenuated by lead, and light and sound are attenuated while passing through seawater.

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The Anti-radiation card:


Xiansheng Technology is Winalite International's associated company specializing, and leading, in electro-magnetic compatibility and wave absorbing materials. Abundant company strength and research achievement is the result of more than a decade's endeavor in this high-tech field. The products have won national awards many times.

the military grade Winalite anti-radiation card for personal use

Product Introduction


The only civilian and military dual-use high-tech anti-emf/radiation product in China that achieved 3 awards from various authorities.

The only product that has national torch plan project authentication, and high-tech labor protection accreditation.

The Winalite Health card is highly recommended and promoted by the national economics and trade committee, and the labor and safety departments as an anti-emf/radiation product for computer related operations.

Strictly examined by performance assessment authorities, according to the results from China Technology Testing Systems, the anti-emf/radiation card can absorb 93% and weaken 99% of radiation, absorbs and depletes the harmful effects caused by radiation sources like PCs, office machines and electrical house appliances to the maximum extent.

Long life span, maximum protection. The Winalite Health card's life span is no less than 6 years.

Convenient to use, and close protection. The card could be put in the pocket or hanged in front of the chest, in which case a protective circle centered on the card with a radius of 50 centimeters is formed, getting rid of the electro-magnetic radiation and achieving the health care purpose.

The anti-emf/radiation card has a wide range of customers. The groups of people who constantly expose themselves in front of PCs, especially those who work in the field of the financial markets, electronics, IT, telecom, airlines, railways, medical care and pregnant women who work with computers for a long time, electronic appliances, office hardware, home appliances. The card can be put in the front pocket of a pregnant dress, keeping unborn babies away from the harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation.

As far as the shape goes, the card could be remade into staff cards, student cards or work time cards, enabling "one card, multiple uses and functions"

The purchasing cost of the card can be written-off as a corporate expense.

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Winalite WinStone:


  • Natural stone - black Tourmaline
  • Produces more than 2,500 anions per cm3
  • Affects the human bio field positively
  • Gives the body vital energy
  • Provides well-being


The energy stone comes it in two varieties:

  • With your individual birth sign
  • With the symbol of the enterprise Winalite.

It is supplied in a dark-blue casket and comes with a necklace.


The Winalite Energy Stone is a natural stone

This natural stone is black Tourmaline, which belongs to a group of precious stones. The natural energy of the Tourmaline is supported and enhanced by the newest breakthroughs in current technologies, so that the stone can, on a long-term basis, store energy and thus have a positive affect on the human bio field or aura.

Black Tourmaline is a natural anion emitter

The Tourmaline is, among other things, a well-known natural anion emitter. The Winalite energy stone produces more than 2500 anions per cm3. That is comparable with the concentration of anions - negative ions - in nature in such places as mountains, forests, waterfalls, and beaches. Negative ions help to reduce stress, and give strength, energy and vitality.

Vitality and strength of the energy stone provides for your well-being

When wearing the energy stone the increased energy of the bio field/aura of the body is more harmonized, and produces a feeling of well-being. It also increases blood circulation, reduces fatigue, increases calm, reduces pain, improves concentration and attention, increases metabolism, and improves all cellular functions of the body.

The Winalite Energy Stone is long-lasting

Maintain your energy stone by simply putting it in the sun for a short time. Thus your Tourmaline stone re-enegrizes from the natural energy of the sun and remains with you for a long time. You can also clean it under running water for a few minutes. The effective usage period of the Winalite energy stone is at least 6 years.

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the Winalite Winmask

Winalite takes respiratory protection to a new level with its revolutionary WinMask.

Light-weight, comfortable and easy to use,WinMask is the first disposable facemask in the world combining the benefits of Anion Technology with protection against pollen, bacteria and other airborne particles.

There are many external factors that affect our health directly and indirectly. Changing our lifestyle and diet can help, but it is sometimes difficult to keep the air around us clean. Breathing good clean air is as important as the food we eat and the exercise we need for our bodies.

Integrating intelligent features with innovative design, Winalite created WinMask with the idea of offering affordable, quality anti-bacterial protection. The 4-Layer structure of WinMask not only includes 2 soft, non-woven layers of silky fabric for extra comfort to our skin, but is also uses an N95 Standard Filtration Layer and incorporates our Anion technology as another layer of protection.

WinMask is small and portable for use almost anywhere and fits easily into a purse or pocket.

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Crystal Moon:

the winalite crystal moon cleaning products

Winalite Crystal Moon is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner designed for everyday use. CM removes unwanted soil, dust, organic oils and airborne odors with our 100% natural formulation. CM is environmentally safe designed for everyday cleaning challenges; floors, walls, counter tops, fabrics, glass, metals, finished wood, entertainment screens and airborne odors. CM is safe for everyone in your household. Our products are gentle, non-toxic, non-flammable, and designed to enhance your living environments.

Everyday Applications:

  • General Cleaner
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Anti-Static Nanotech Film Protector
  • Stainless Steel Metal Polisher
  • Degreasing Scrub
  • Bacteria Killer

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