Get your own Winalite site just like this one for 39.99 (per year)!

I am offering a turnkey Winalite website for you ready to go within hours of purchase.

As stated by Cheryl Gonzales, President Emeritus - Distributor Rights Association (now the Association of Network Marketing Professionals) my website:

" is the best website about Winalite on the net, better than even the official Winalite website. ."

Your payment sets up a sub-domain site here for you like so: or BusinessName/

and includes a full duplicate of what you see at this site (apart from paypal buttons, the big yellow button that you clicked to get to this page and a different map according to where you are).

This is not a monthly recurring fee like most other services, which I myself abhor and think it's a rip-off, but a once a year fee. This is to cover the yearly costs of domain hosting and domain renewal, yearly rental of server space, maintenance of your site, etc.

This fee includes updating any info on your 'about me' page with information you send me, adding new products in the products information page (images may need to be supplied by you), adding any extra video content (in the testimonials section), pdf files (in the document section), changing your email address for the two forms (contact me, and join now), and any other simple text information that you wish to change. Major changes to 'personalize' your site will incur web design/authoring fees.

If you want paypal buttons to be added to each product so that you can start selling off of your site almost immediately, which is easy to do once you have a PayPal account, then an extra fee of $50 will be required (it is time consuming). You will either be walked through it personally by me via phone, or you can allow me to do everything. The choice is up to you.

If you want to get a site like this up and running for yourself it would probably take a few months, loss of money to unscrupulous web designers, and in the end you may be out of pocket to the tune of over $2,000 (this is from personal experience). As it is, here is what anyone would pay for a domain name and web hosting service on average per year: Domain purchase/renewal = $12/12, website hosting = $80/70. So you are saving money right off the bat getting your site up and running here.

So yes, the price is cheap for the unrivalled service (no-one in the world offers such a personalized service as I do) but I have been where you are; trying to get something going with a business/product that you are very passionate about but are short of funds to do it justice.

As a customer of mine I will also provide you with a 600dpi (dots per inch) template, for free, for a business card with your details on it, that I designed and created myself and the contact info for a really good business card printer in Illinois (yep, it was cheaper to get it here then the printers locally in Ruislip, UK). The price, in 2010, was around 160 including shipping for 5,000 cards, double-sided, full glossy colour, UV protection, and extra think card stock (regular card stock was 85). The difference between regular card stock and the extra thick card stock is like night and day. The thicker card stock (16pt) gives the business card 'class'. It does not bend easily like 14pt does, is more durable and has more 'substance' and 'solidity' to it.

Anyway, I hope that you will find my services beneficial and cost effective to you.

Please click the 'Buy Now' button below to get your site for 39.99.

Note: This site is not officially endorsed by Winalite but management know of its existence and have not said anything negative about it. But if you want to check with your head office in California, Germany, etc, by all means do so.

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