WINGUARD anti-radiation protection for mobile phones

WINGUARD - protecting you from mobile phone radiation

the Winalite anti-radiation mobile phone deviceThe 3 Ways it protects:

  • EMSMAX patented wave-absorption material specially developed for mobile phones
  • Created using military stealth technology
  • Absorption efficiency 93.7%
  • Attenuation* efficiency 99.9%
  • Ultra-thin, flexible, easy to use and stylishly fashionable


Developed and patented after extensive research, WINGUARD is an ultra-thin, flexible, stylish and easy-to-use sticker that fits over your cell phone hearing area and covers most of the ear speaker.

How does WINGUARD Protect Me?

The super-thin, high-tech WINGUARD sticker protects you in 2 important ways:

It absorbs 93.7% of harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation from cell phones & nearby electronic devices, using patented EMSMAX technology

It transforms harmful radiation into mild heat that dissipates safely into the air.

WINGUARD absorbs and transforms radiation from all global mobile phone frequencies, ranging from 10MHz to 8000MHz.

What is the technology behind WINGUARD?

Military stealth secrets are behind the two patented and trademarked technologies of the advanced Winalite WINGUARD sticker:

  • EMSMAX - a Patented, highly developed, radiation absorption material specially designed for mobile phones.
  • EMSI Clean - a Patented creative technology that greatly reduces call interruptions and improves call quality

EMS refers to electromagnetic absorption - Winalite has improved and adapted EMS technology to produce an advanced, cutting-edge product called WINGUARD for cell phones. The main WINGUARD advanced EMS technology is called EMSMAX. The exact composition and manufacturing method of EMSMAX is solidly protected by a patent.

No heavy metals or radioactive substances are used in WINGUARD technology. The EMSMAX technology is stable and long-lasting. The positive effects of the convenient, stylish WINGUARD sticker expire 6 years from the manufacturing date (which is indicated on the package). After opening the WINGUARD package, use it within 2 years for the best quality performance.

Winalite now has improved this EMS technology (that has been by the military) for your benefit with the EMSMAX ultra-thin sticker for your mobile phone. When the fashionable WINGUARD sticker is used with your cell phone, the high-tech device absorbs the vast majority of harmful electromagnetic radiation, and protects your health from radiation damage.

Are there any other Benefits from WINGUARD?


WINGUARD patented EMSI Clean technology:

  • Screens, filters, and actively absorbs electromagnetic radiation
  • Greatly improves the sound quality of your cell phone calls by reducing the interference of electromagnetic noise with signals of your mobile phone
  • Reduces those annoying call interruptions
  • Protects your sensitive head area from harmful electromagnetic radiation

EMS, or Electromagnetic absorption, is the core function of EMSI Clean technology. EMSI Clean has a radiation absorption rate of up to 93%.

EMI, or Electromagnetic interference (screening), is the secondary function of Winalite EMSI Clean technology. Its screening rate is up to 99.9%, while allowing sound waves to pass through.

What is the electromagnetic radiation output of my cell phone?

The electromagnetic radiation output of a mobile phone is as follows:
70% in the earpiece, 20% in the display screen and 10% in the keyboard and microphone.

WINGUARD is a breakthrough technology compared to other passive and singular screening methods for electromagnetic radiation. Previously developed gadgets had an average screening efficiency of only 3%, very much inferior to the advanced WINGUARD technology.

How easy is WINGUARD to Use?

WINGUARD is simple to use. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface of your mobile phone
  2. Place the thin, flexible WINGUARD sticker on the earphone of the mobile phone making sure that the meshed opening of the WINGUARD sticker is aligned with the earphone.
  3. Smooth out the surface of the WINGUARD device as needed.
  4. Use your cell phone with confidence, knowing your health is protected.

What is the validity period of WINGUARD stickers?

Expiration: 6 years from manufacturing date.
Start to use: within 2 years after opening for best quality.


If you want military strength technology working to keep you safe, then get the Winalite WINGUARD high-tech, stylish, convenient cell phone sticker.
You'll be glad you did!

*Definition of Attenuation:

In physics, attenuation is the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. For instance, sunlight is attenuated by dark glasses, X-rays are attenuated by lead, and light and sound are attenuated while passing through seawater.